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Abby 2023
Abby Action 2023

Abigail Gerdes

Ensemble Dancer

Abigail Gerdes graduated from Indiana University in the spring of 2023 with a BFA in Contemporary Dance and has recently began her Master's in Recreational Therapy through IU as well. She was born and raised in Wisconsin where she began her dance education, giving much accreditation to Midwest Performing Arts and Meghan McDermott. Abigail has been trained in a variety of styles, including tap, jazz, ballet, modern, contemporary, house, Bharatanatyam, African Diasporic, and hip hop. In her collegiate years, she made appearances in Bodies in Bold, Sounding Bodies, SLIP Showcase, Earthward, Journeys of Joy, and New Moves, performing in multiple choreographic works. In 2022, She attended the Fetna Convention in New York to perform Dr. Batley’s Bharatanatyam piece, “In the Beautiful Forest”. Abigail has worked alongside a number of choreographers such as Elizabeth Shea, Erik Abbott-Main, Stafford C. Berry, Cameron McKinney, Katie Mayfield, Evelyn Wang, Robert Burden, and Dr. Prathiba Natesan Batley. She co-choreographed a piece, “Unbind”, in the SLIP Showcase, and the following year, choreographed a piece in the Junior Performance Project, “Lights Off”. For her capstone project, she choreographed a dance, “Ivory Tower”, which aimed to inform an audience about the harsh historical realities surrounding asylums. She enjoys choreographing and teaching, and always looks forward to working with students and/or her peers. Abigail is a Dance for Parkinson’s instructor as well and has also obtained her Pilates Certification. 

Abigail is thrilled to be dancing with Inaside this season and looks forward to continuing to expand and develop her artistry, while bringing her passion, hard work, and dedication into Inaside’s space!

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