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Customized Workshops

Held in either our resident studio or yours, Inaside will conduct a day(s) of training, giving intermediate to advanced dancers the experience of living a day in the life of a professional dancer. The program can be catered to the needs of your students, or you can choose from one of our four workshop options below. These ONE or TWO day workshops are available with a maximum of four different levels are perfect for you intermediate and advance students! The day concludes with a performance from the students and/or ICD company members.

For more information about the Inaside Workshop, please send us an e-mail at

"Technique Tune-Up"

Technique Tune-Up is a basic workshop consisting of high level technique with an emphasis on a clear understanding of the fundamentals of each dance genre. The workshop will be tailored to the student's needs and studio director's suggestions.

The dancers will experience a combination of classes throughout the day: ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre, and hip hop. Technical skills and proper execution of placement and alignment along with focus on strength and control are the goals of this workshop.

"Back to School Bootcamp"

Back to School Bootcamp is designed not only to give your dancers an all day work out to jump start the season, but will also break down skills that the dancers need to refine their technique and performance. Classes will be given in strength and conditioning, flexibility and control, as well as drills for turns, leaps, and jumps. This program highlights the areas that need attention; the dancers will drill the skill with exercises that will lead to perfection over time. This workshop is designed to help dancers turn their weaknesses into their strengths!

"Judge Before the Judge"

Want a competitive edge this season? This program is designed to help dancers feel more comfortable in front of the judges and put a more polished product onstage. This workshop allows Inaside company members, who are also regional and national level judges, to come to your studio and coach the dancers on their routines on an individual level. After watching the routines, company members will give feedback to help perfect the routine in categories of technique, showmanship, choreography, and performance quality.

Turns, tricks, leaps, and jumps will be drilled as well as commentary on staging and choreography. Inaside company members will also assist in cleaning the dances to ensure that unison is achieved in group numbers and soloists feel comfortable onstage. This will help maximize the time on the competition stage even before the season begins.**

The time will be divided based on what the studio director feels needs the most focus. It is recommended that a minimum of 15 minutes are allotted to each routine so that as many corrections can be given as possible. (Larger production numbers will need more allotted time than solos/duets/trios.)

"Partnering Workshop"

This unique workshop will enable students to experience instruction typically reserved for college-level or professional dancers. Inaside will provide male company members to partner as well as instruct male students. Classes will be given in ballet/pointe partnering, contemporary/jazz partnering, as well as modern partnering with emphasis on weight-sharing, turns, lifts, and contact improvisation throughout the workshop.

At the conclusion of the workshop, the dancers will be encouraged to choreograph a duet incorporating their newly learned skills. This is an invaluable experience for any intermediate or advanced dancer!

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